Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tour Championships-I need help!!

Hello again,
I received my invitation to the tour championships. The last and biggest tournament of the WPBA season (IMO).
I have mustered up half of the entry, but need help to get the other half.
I am currently ranked #47 on the WPBA thanks to my highest finish (17th) at the US Open. With this tournament I could possibly achieve my exempt status for 2010.
I am currently ranked #1 on the Bay Area Amateur Tour in Florida and as it stands will be #1 for the season.
I am also currently #1 on the Flamingo Billiards Tour, the regional tour for the state of Florida, having won the first 2 stops.
I understand that due to the economy that there will be those that can not donate, BUT send some positive vibes my way and we will call it even. :)
Thanks to everyone for everything!

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  1. Freckles, you better go and give Monica the beatdown tomorrow. I've got a coffee and a cruller on you. ;-)