Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ok, I know, I'm late :)
Holidays have been extremely hectic! I hope everyone got everything they wanted and needed!
I haven't been up to a whole lot over the holidays except being lazy ;)
But, now that the New Year is here, time for me to set some plans and goals into motion.
I am planning (uh-oh) on working out....seriously! I am not going to jump right in, but I was running about a mile a day for awhile then the holidays, so now the plan is to get back there and eventually be running about 3-5 a day on top of some other stuff.
Back to the grind of practicing about 6-8 hours a day until I get back in stroke, seeing as how I have not played any pool in a looooong while.
I am getting excited as 2010 is the year I am officially a Pro Pool player on the WPBA!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW_check out my bio page on the right :) Headshots will be added soon so please check back! I was extremely happy with how my headshots turned out.
Well, sorry this is so short! I will be blogging regularly again once the rush dies down in the personal life :D

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