Monday, October 12, 2009

2nd at BAAT

Well, this past Saturday was a BAAT tour stop at Hammerheads, in Holiday Florida.
I started off the day shooting real strong and felt good doing it. As usual, one of the brackets got backed up and held up the tournament. Bettina Chase (the eventual winner) and I opted to hold off playing for the top of the winner's bracket until the bracket caught up a little more.
When we finally did play, it was a difficult 7-4 race..I lost 4-5. That's tough, spotting someone who is very capable of running the table, 3 games on the wire.
After that match, I was stuck waiting again. Finally my next match was determined, I was playing Shanelle Loraine, a friend of mine from Orlando.
I started off badly, hooking myself on shots and giving her ball in hand with 4-5 ball runs. In an 8-4 race, that's not good. The score was tied at 2 when I finally woke up and won the next 5 games to reach the hill, but again went 'stupid' in the next game, and bam! the match was double hill...OUCH.
I ran most of my balls and got bad on the 6 ball (playing 8ball), so I opted to shoot it, leaving it close to a pocket. I had a masse chance at it and missed it. Shanelle made some great shots and safeties, and with it, control of the table. She ran down to the 8 ball, which was in front of the side pocket. I figured it was game over, but just when I thought that, she shot it and didn't seem to stroke the cue ball enough...pocketing the 8 but scratching down in the corner.....excaped a bullet.
This set up my final against Bettina...another 7-4 race. It was late, we were both tired...and we both made a lot of mistakes. I somehow managed to win the first set double hill. Now onto the 2nd.....she started to wake up and I started to dwindle. I was the only 9 competing in this tournament, therefore I had all the longest races, always having to go to 7 or 8 to my opponents 4-5...with the exception of one match that was 6-5. I started off ok, taking a 3-0 lead, and went down hill from there. My body was giving out, it was going on 2am and I had a wonderful 2 hour drive home to look forward to. Bettina played great and shut me down 4-3, taking her 1st BAAT win. I am so happy for her! It's about time! :)
Either way, I am a winner. By taking 2nd I locked up 1st in points, which is great news to me, since I won't be able to make the grand finale due to the US Amateur Championship being held the same weekend.
Hopefully, I can do the same on the Flamingo Tour.
Also, as a head up I will NOT be in Oregon, but will see most of you in chat!

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