Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flamingo Billiards Stop #2

Yesterday was the 2nd stop of the newly established Flamingo Billiards Tour, held at Amy's Billiards in Stuart, Fl. The day started out really well for me. I got to the pool hall early and was able to practice. Actually felt like I was hitting the balls well and I quickly adapted to the tables. Being a new tour, it started a little later than expected but still ran smoothly.
My first match was a re-match of tour stop #1's final, against the solid Helene Caukin. I must have entered the 'zone' or something, because I don't remember a whole lot in that match other than a 9 ball snap and the 2 big mistakes I made, resulting in a 7-2 win for me....oh and a ball in hand moment where I almost shot the 7 for shape on the 5...LOL....but we will just leave that there. :)
My next match was against a local player...she was tough and came out strong. I eventually bent over far enough to find my head and pulled the match out 7-5...phew!
Those 2 wins put me into the redraw and final 8, as only 16 players showed. (i think)
when the B-side caught up...b-side players drew their fate of players in the a-side for single elimination...
Niki Rasmussen drew me, Christine Nevins drew Jeannie Seaver, Helene Caukin drew Tracy Mcreary and Robin Boggs drew Amy Poulter.
Niki had beaten me pretty badly at my last BAAT tournament, so there was a little pressure. I pulled out the match 7-1.
2 out of the 4 original a-side players won, Jeannie and I...then we were staged to play each other, while Helene Caukin was coming back with a vengeance after her 1st round lost to me, playing Robin Boggs.
The first few games were a little depressing as I kept hooking myself and giving Jeannie ball in hand, which is never a good idea. Next thing I knew I was down 5-2....the rest of that match was a it reached hill hill. Jeannie played some great safes against me and kept control of the table.....I made a hit on the 6 but left a perfect shot...I looked away at this point and the only thing that brought my attention to light was when the crowd gasped loudly and I looked up to the cue ball drop in the side pocket with only the lone 9 remaining on the table....I got lucky...REALLY lucky. stress is soooo bad.
Finals came...surprise surprise....rematch of the first match of the day AND the final from the first tour stop...Helene Caukin.
The Finals came out really shaky for both of us. Neither of up could put more than a 3-4 ball run and even then miss something stupid. We teeter tottered back and forth until the score was 2-2....the next score was 5-2 me and it was break time. When we came back to the table it was my break. I racked them up and broke, pocketing a ball. I had a long tough shot on the one and postion play to the 2 was even harder. I made up my mind, got down and fired it in drawing back about the length of the table for the 2. I came up short on the 3, which in turn I hooked myself on the 4. I studied where I wanted to kick, had decided the side I wanted to hit because it increased my chance of caroming it off the 9 into the side, got down and fired. (momentary brain lapse as I forgot the tables bank short) the cue ball flew into the rail hit the 4 so thin, it cut ALL the way down into the corner. Couldn't help but laugh at myself. Next problem, long, straight shot on the 5, having to draw straight back half the table for a shot on the 6. Got down and fired it with no problem. Needless to say, I finished the rack and reached the hill. Then next game, I went stupid on the 7 ball and scratched. However I got back to the table facing a table length straight in on the rail shot on the 8 ball with the 9 ball down by the cue ball....ugh. I opted to just stop the cue ball and attempt the long rail bank on the 9, not good, I lost that game. It was my break again, I racked, broke and pocketed a ball. I could see the one but had no open pocket so I played a safe. Helene missed the kick which gave me ball in hand. I ran out to the 4-9 combo and sealed the victory. 2-for-2 SWEET!

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