Sunday, September 20, 2009

Colorado Classic

Hey everyone! I am still in Colorado, but decided I would blog shortly about my trip here.
I got here late Tuesday night and was able to settle in quickly. I went and practiced on Wednesday, but didn't seem to be hitting the balls to good :(
The players meeting went well on Wednesday night and after the meeting, there was a nice little get together for Allison Fisher. The casino made a beautiful cake, that resembled a 3-cushion table. Kelly Fisher and Kim Shaw both spoke briefly about Allison and that was followed up by a short speech by Allison. After all that happened, it was time to cut the cake!! :D We found out a little late that the cake was half chocolate and half vanilla...LOL...
In any case, the draw completed.......I drew Kelly Fisher in my first match....great...2nd time this year that I have drawn her first...would be my luck..hehe. She was the person who knocked me out at the US Open, but thankfully it was in the later rounds so I still finished 17th.
I don't feel like I played too bad against Kelly, but the few balls I missed proved to be fatal, as Kelly played great and beat me 9-2...:(
My next match was scheduled at 11 am on Friday monring against Megan Smith. I didn't get much sleep that night and it showed apparent during my match. For those of you who watched..LOL..I am so sorry I played so awful! I couldn't see the edges of the ball! :( She played well though and closed me out 9-4....oh time.
After that, as most of you are probably aware, I jumped on the live stream and commentated quite a bit. All of you knew how to lift my spirits so thank you!
As it stands currently, it does not look like I will be able to attend the Pacific Coast Classic and although that 'could' possibly change, it doesn't seem likely. By the time I will find out if I can get an invite, I am not sure I will be able to afford the trip :(
Either way, fingers crossed that I maintain somewhat of a decent ranking. If I stay in top 48, I get my picture in the little brochure, and if i stay in the top 63, I get an invite to the tour championships in November! Hope Hope
Ok everyone, I gotta head out, I want to head downstairs and catch the ESPN matches.
Thanks to everyone who rooted for me and don't give up on me, I am just getting started!!
-Michell Monk-"the candy coated Killer"
(Those on the live stream know what that's about ;))

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  1. Hi Michelle -- I really enjoyed your commentary in Colorado! Keep your head up & remember the TV table is just like any other table when you really think about it -- just with a crowd of people rooting you on -- should make you feel good!