Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok, lots of news since the last post! I pulled out 3 matches at the US Open which landed me with a 17-24 place finish! Along with my best finish yet, the points bumped me up to 38th place!
Fortunately for me, Florida started a new regional tour called the Flamingo Billiards Tour, and their first stop was for the Colorado Classic.
I was nervous as the pressure was on, and I needed this qualifier.
I relaxed on my birthday which was the day before the event on August 14.
On Saturday, I woke up at 7, got ready, and headed out.
Reaching the pool hall a little after 10, I registered and began practicing. It was held at Ultimate Billiards in Ft Pierce. A beautiful place with plenty of tables. We were playing on Diamonds. The rails were extremely lively, but after a little play, I adjusted pretty well.
The players meeting went well, and the draw was right after, with 22 players.
The matches were called, and I didn't receive a bye in my first round :(
I played well, and my opponent got some bad rolls, and I scooted by with a 7-3 score. My next match was against the tour coordinator, and agains I played well, and finished with a 7-1 score.
the third match of the day didn't start so well. I was skidding crucial balls out of the pockets, and soon found myself 6-4 down. I took my break, collected myself and battled back to 6-6. It was her break, shame on me for the losing the lag. She didn't pocket a ball, so i proceeded to run out. I got a little bad on the 4 ball and attempted a didn't work. She made the 4 and got reasonable position on the 5, to get on the 6-9. I figured it was game over, but a bad decision on my opponents behalf (shooting the ball in the side and not the corner) left me with ball in hand on the 6-9. I have to admit, I wasn't comfortable with the shot, but I took my time and fired it in!
The Flamingo Tour has the same format at the WPBA, in that the final 4 on the winner's and the final 4 on the one-loss go into a draw, and it becomes single elimination.
A bracket had fallen behind, so I ate something and went to my car and took a nap. :)
About another hour after I got up it was time for the draw. I played great in my first match back, winning 7-0. My next match in the final 4 was not so great.
My opponent missed some 9 balls against me which found myself up 6-4, yet in the blink of an eye it was double hill and her break.
She broke, made a ball....rather than pushing out she opted to kick at the 1 which left me a shot. One at a time I plucked the table apart and found myself on the 50-yard line for the 9-ball, lined it up, and fired it in.
I was now in the finals.
Long story short, it was late and had been a long day. But that feeling that the end was so close, I sucked it up and played pretty strong with few minor mistakes. I pulled the match to a close with a 3-9 combo and final score of 7-3.


  1. Hey Michell! I just stumbled across your blog site. Good story, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you won the qualifier. And happy belated birthday.

    Your First Blog Fan
    Rick Hefelfinger

  2. You go girl. If you won 4 games against Helena, you can win 7. Congrats on your impressive Flamingo event win to get the CO entry. Now go and win it - you have all the tools, bring your A game. We'll all be cheering for you back in FL. Good luck - Jason.