Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Lakes Classic

As most of you already know....GLC was horrible for me!
I drew Kelly Fisher in my first round. Granted I had some chances, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get a rythm going! The 2 whopping games I won, I had to work hard
A long rail bank on the 8 for a shot on the 9, and a break an run....woohoo....
In any case, my 2nd match was against Sueyen Rhee. We played a great match in the beginning. Going back and forth, tied at 5-5.......I made the most crucial errors in the match. I missed shape on a 5 in turn missing the kick safe.....then the next game I missed the 5 again.
Down 7-5, we exchanged plays on the the end she got a good roll...I kicked to make the 6, and it rattled out the pockets leaving her a shot and she made a great out.
Down 8-5, she broke makes a ball....and I think it was the 2 ball, kicked the 9 right in!
That's pool for you! :)

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